This Web site is just the start. We also feel it is necessary to engage others in
dialogue on this subject. This way the hard questions can be answered with
compassion. Of course, God's Grace is necessary for true conversion.

At present we are offering two presentations. There is no charge for these presentations
and donations are discouraged.

ThinkChastity for Married

We offer variable length presentations meant for small adult groups in a parish. The
purpose is two-fold, to inform about God's call to marital chastity and to inspire them to
accept that call. The material used will be taken from that contained in this Web site.

If you are interested in possibly inviting to speak at your church or in
joining us as presenters please send us a note with your name and the telephone
number you can be reached at in the evening.

Conversion Testimony

What do the Shroud of Turin, the Rosary, The Voyage to Lourdes, demonic possesion,
an abortion clinic, buddhism, and a Catholic priest have in common? They are all part
of the story of how we discovered the Catholic Church. Our story has been published in
This Rock magazine and has been presented to Catholic Churches and to an audience
of 500 protestants. We'd love to share it with you.