Meet Us

This Web site was created by Bob and Cyndi Babecka.

We live in Powder Springs, Georgia, with our three children Kaylynn, Debbie, and
Joseph. We attend St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Marietta and just came into the
Church Easter 2000. We have been married since 1994.

Bob works as an engineer in the nuclear electric industry and has lived in the Atlanta
area for 11 years. Cyndi works as a wife and mother and was born in Atlanta. Cyndi
is the Web master.

We participated in the pro-life movement for several years before becoming Christian
and decided to use natural family planning when we discovered that all birth control
pills currently available prevent birth some of the time by aborting the new life. Sadly,
most Protestant pro-life groups avoid discussing this fact even though this information
is frequently included with the pills.

Based on our sidewalk counseling experience in front of Atlanta abortion clinics, we
confirmed reports that most women seeking abortions were there because of failed
contraception, followed by those admitting to sloppy usage of contraception.
Unfortunately, many people we met at the clinics claimed to be Christians -- even

We were further dismayed to learn that most Catholics disobeyed the Church's
teachings on birth control, the teachings are almost never discussed from the pulpit,
and many obedient Catholics cannot defend these teachings.

On the bright side, we have met many people who embrace lives of marital chastity
when they heard and understood the Church's teachings. This fact has inspired us to
get the word out.

With a suggestion from our friends Pete and Kelly (Cyndi's Sponsor), some reflection,
prayer, and a little work, THINK was born. We hope the information
contained in these pages will bless you as it has blessed us.

If you would like to get to know us better, send us a note.