Catholics in the Archdiocese of Atlanta celebrated the
thirty-third anniversary of the controversial papal
encyclical Humanae Vitae
with a series of activities to
help everyone better understand moral truths related
to human sexuality and reflect on how to communicate
those truths to all people of good will.

The weekend consisted of a conference for clergy on
Friday, a conference for laity on Saturday, and parish
outreaches on Sunday. Both conferences were held at
the Catholic Church of the Holy Cross.

Archbishop John Francis Donoghue celebrated the
Vigil Mass at the conclusion of the laity conference.
Archbishop Donoghue held everyone spellbound as
he gave a stirring homily that explained the impact
Humanae Vitae had on the Church and on him
personally; the relationship between contraception,
abortion, and other evils; and challenged everyone to
accept Christ's call to chastity and openness to life in
Click here to read Archbishop Donoghue's Homily.

Click here to read what the Georgia Bulletin had to
Archbishop Donoghue with Dr. Brian Murphy founder of God's
Plan for Life and Humanae Vitae Weekend promoters Cyndi and
Bob Babecka (and their children Joseph, Kaylynn, and Deborah).

Dave Sloan of the Pure Love
Network and Apologetics at the
Cathedral gives listeners at the
laity conference real life, real world
tools for surviving the purity wars.
Check out

Tracey Casale of Purely Yours
Chastity Education explains the role
of parents as the primary educator
and shows how they can discuss
chastity with their children more
effectively. For presentation
information contact Tracey at (770)-

Brian Murphy, explains how the
Bible and history confirm the
validity of Catholic teachings
prohibiting artificial birth control.
Dr. Murphy spoke at both
conferences (for clergy on Friday
and laity on Saturday) and
conducts retreats and
conferences for clergy on
Humanae Vitae. For more
information check out

Father Matthew Habiger (former
Chairman of Human Life
International) spoke at both
conferences on formation of
conscience and celebrated Mass on
Sunday at St. Catherine of Siena in
Kennesaw. Here he speaks with
Father Tom Hennessey, Pastor of
Sacred Heart in Griffin. Go to
to see his homily.

Father Daniel McCaffrey spoke about
the morality of contraception at both
conferences. Father McCaffrey
holds parish outreaches on this
subject. On Sunday he celebrated all
of the Masses at St, Peter's in
LaGrange. To find out more about
Father McCaffrey's outreaches go to

Family Honor was present at the
conference for laity. They offer
programs to help parents better
promote chastity in their children.
For more information visit

Ray Marino (left), Cecilia de Rosa, Julie
Brown, and Jeanne Ross provided music for
the conference and Vigil Mass. Here they are
joined by Brian Murphy and volunteer Mike
Mueller for an impromptu session.

Participants at the conference for laity sign up to
bring the display "Take the Chastity Challenge"
to their churches. This display provides
literature addressing topics including chastity
for singles, contraception, natural family
planning, the permanency of marriage, and how
parents can inspire their children to be chaste.
For more information call Bob and Cyndi
Babecka at (770) 439-5939 or send us a note at