God decides what is sinful, not us.

Each sin offends God and harms us.

God speaks through the Catholic Church on faith and morals.

Contraception is incompatible with God's call to chastity.

If Christians reject marital chastity, their marriages, their relationships with God, their children's lives, and society will suffer.
Take the Chastity Challenge
A test to help you promote virtue in your children

Information about how the birth control pill and other hormonal contraceptives prevent birth some of the time by abortion

Witness to Marriage
Divorced and separated Catholics striving to be faithful to their marriage vows
Homily by Archbishop John Francis Donoghue given at the 2001 Humanae Vitae Weekend

Mission Statement

Our mission is to convincingly communicate the Catholic Church's teachings on sexual morality to as many members of the faithful as possible. We believe that when faithful Catholics have heard these teachings and understand why they are valid they will embrace a life of chastity. We also hope Catholics who have chosen this lifestyle will evangelize others when they better understand these teachings. As Christians we must be the light to lead others to the truth.

We believe this message is essential to save souls and to reverse the moral decline present in our society. This decline is evidenced by abortion, promiscuity, and a lack of regard for marriage as a sacrament.

In order to embrace a life of chastity and be able to convince others the following principles should be understood.

Chastity is for married people, too!